About Me

Who am I?

Hey, I'm Erico Leonardo Alexander Pizarro Gutierrez, and I'm into game programming. Currently, I'm studying at The Game Assembly, getting the hang of C++ language. Just trying to up my game and make some cool stuff!






I possess a diverse range of interests, yet among them, I derive the greatest enjoyment from engaging in video games. Specifically, I find myself particularly drawn to titles such as League of Legends, Tekken 7 and 8, Street Fighter 6, and Battlefield. These genres of games captivate me the most, offering immersive experiences that allow me to indulge in strategic gameplay, thrilling combat encounters, and the adrenaline rush of competitive action.


What I did on TGA


Game Project1: Viking Rush

Game Project2: Catdow 

Game Project3: Magical Girl Delivery Service

Game Project4: Aeon

Game Project5: Larmet Gick 1941

Game Project6: Eternal Night 

Project7: Snabb Grabb